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Our aspiration is for men and women to have a dynamic and fresh relationship with God - to see how their faith really works day to day, to see the relevance of the Bible, to their lives and to those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe this will create and fuel positive change in their community, in their city, and around the world. As individual lives are changed by the Lord, families, neighborhoods, and cities will be transformed in a positive fashion.

We want to identify, reach, engage, equip, and come alongside men and women who can ignite and accelerate Christ-centered movements that will renew our cities, influence our country, and bless the nations. Real life in the city is lived through relational networks that cross multiple domains.The marketplace is significant because it makes up more than 50% of the economic engine of the city. Here in Atlanta, creative and corporate professionals are seeking to balance their personal, professional and spiritual lives as they explore issues of success and personal leadership in a variety of venues. Cru Atlanta brings these opportunities throughout the metro area by offering year-round dynamic events and training.


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